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What is Localite? – Part 1

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What is Localite?

Hi again, it’s Jenn.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you what we envision Localite to accomplish

Over the weekend, Sylvia came to visit me in Austin (she lives in Houston) to discuss and work through our Localite creation. 

Our vision is simple, we want to create a systemic local support culture. 

To us, a systemic local support culture means the individuals who make up our community both contribute to the creation of goods or services and chooses to spend their money on their neighbor’s goods or services.

When you purchase from a non-local business (i.e amazon), our community loses 70% of that money to other places in the world.

If we created an interconnected community of businesses that all support each other, we could increase the wealth (& freedom) for all. Think about it, 70% of all our purchases would be staying in our neighborhoods. 

If one local business connected to our chain of local businesses started to see rapid growth then we would all experience some of that growth too. 

Because that one business would be purchasing more resources and more services from our community to withstand the increase in demand. 

And this isn’t something we want for just Austin and Houston alone. We hope by building this culture in our own cities, it could create a cascade effect that helps other communities throughout the world transition too. 

We are still in the ideation phase of how to accomplish this, but we are moving one small step at a time. 

All we can hope from anyone reading this right now is if you believe in our mission, will you help spread Localite by sharing our content? 

We also encourage you to join our facebook groups to start building our community of local businesses, artists, farmers, and creators, so it is easier to find each other. 

Austin Localite Group:
Houston Localite Group:

If you want to contribute or just share your ideas, please reach out to us too! We would love more minds thinking through these problems with us. 

Local Love,


Localite Founders Jenn + Sylvia

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We are two Texans on a mission to promote and share the stories of our amazing and vibrant community.

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