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The Best Places to Find Bluebonnets in HTX

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There is something incredibly peaceful about staring out into a field of Bluebonnets. The fact that the earth can make hundreds of thousands of these beautiful flowers is amazing. And some days I just need to stop what I am doing, drive to the fields and appreciate all of the beauty this great state of Texas has to offer. 

I have reached a point where every new year the first question I start to ask is “When will I see the first flowers bloom?”

My absolute favorite day of the year is when I am driving on the interstate and suddenly notice the neighboring grasslands are covered in wild flowers. 

After spending some time learning where the best places places to find Bluebonnets near Austin and Houston, Texas are, I wanted to share it with our followers. 

We have spent way too long locked both indoors and in quarantine, it’s time we get out there and smell the flowers!

Preparing for Your Trip to the Bluebonnet Fields

Before you run off with this list and start mapping out your itinerary, there are a few tips I would like to offer. 

1. Be Respectful

  • Leave the Bluebonnets behind. While it is not illegal to pick the blooming flowers, it does has negative effects. For one, you are taking away from someone else’s experience. Many other Texans and out of state visitors come to enjoy these gorgeous flowers. If the fields have been picked apart by multiple guests, it will be noticeable. It will also affect next years blooming season as you are taking the seeds with you (i.e. less flowers year after year).
  • Watch where you walk and sit. Both sitting on and/or trampling over the bluebonnets will destroy them. 
  • Show respect to private property. The locals around bluebonnet fields have witnessed some pretty aggressive behavior when it comes to visitors getting the perfect picture.  Climbing their fences, squeezing through their gates, driving on their property. As you can imagine, if it was only one person and only one time it would be alright. However, this can happen countless times a year from many careless visitors. If you’re like me, you wouldn’t want a ton of strangers walking through your backyard and peeking through your window as they pass by to your back yard. So let’s not be those people. 

2. Be Aware 

  • Pay attention to other wildlife. The fields may contain fire ants and snakes. Be careful when walking around the fields to avoid being bitten. 
  • Share the space. Odds are high that you will not be the only visitor at the Bluebonnet field. Make sure you are sharing the space and not hogging the best view from everyone else. 

Best Places to Find Bluebonnets Near Houston Texas

1. Blessington Farms
2. Buffalo Bayou
3. Hermann Park
4. Memorial Park
5. Mercer Botanic Gardens
6. Rob Fleming Park
7. Spotts Park
8. Sugar Land
9. Terry Hershey Park
10. White Oak Bayou

Blessington Farms

This is a great spot for admiring a small hill of bluebonnets and other wildflowers. An added bonus is the accompanying pick your own strawberry field.


Definitely a great place for the whole family as this farm has a plethora of fun farm focused activities for the kids.


Address: 510 Chisolm Trail, Wallis, TX 77485




Buffalo Bayou

Your best bet for spotting Bluebonnets on the bayou is near Jackson Hill Bridge. They are spread out in small patches, but still beautiful and great for pictures!

Address: 3422 Allen Pkwy, Houston, TX 77019


Herman Park

When visiting Herman Park, you will need to venture over to the Bayou Parkland area to find the Bluebonnets!

Address: 6538 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77021



Memorial Park

Stay close to the running trail at Memorial Park and you will be swooning over the bluebonnets in no time! They can be found scattered throughout the trail along with other wildflowers. 

Address: 6501 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77007



Mercer Botanic Gardens

This magical place is filled with local Texas flowers. They have a small patch dedicated to Bluebonnets and other wild flowers you can find here in our beautiful state.  It is another great place to take the family as there are educational information and entertaining programs to learn more about them! 

Address: 22306 Aldine Westfield Rd, Humble, TX 77338



Rob Fleming Park

Grab your picnic basket and head over to Rob Fleming Park the next time you are in The Woodlands area during spring season. This large park has Bluebonnets sprinkled throughout, along with the perfect spots to play with the kids and sit in the sun!

Address: 6055 Creekside Forest Dr, Spring, TX 77389



Spotts Park

Spotts Park usually offers great views of Bluebonnets each year. Next time you head out that way, be sure to check out the southeast side of the park too.  

Address: 22306 Aldine Westfield Rd, Humble, TX 77338


Sugar Land

If you didn’t know, Sugar Land has a master-planned community named Telfair. Telfair was made to encourage active and outdoor lifestyles. So it is no surprise they also have Bluebonnets that bloom along the river. I would encourage you to check it out in Spring time or not!

Address: 13016 University Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479


Terry Hershey Park

To be honest, we are not sure how many Bluebonnets bloom here, but we do know they have been spotted near Dairy Ashford. Let us know how many you see when you go for a visit!

Address: 22306 Aldine Westfield Rd, Humble, TX 77338



White Oak Bayou

If you have the time to enjoy a nice long walk along the White Oak Bayou Greenway Trail this spring, DO IT! The White Oak Bayou in The Heights has Bluebonnets on the bank of the waterway from Ella Blvd all the way up to W. 34th St. 

Address: 2001 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77008



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