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Local Texas Cider Guide

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11 Hard Cider Spots in Texas You Need to Visit

Hard cider is sweeping the nation, and we love a good glass of adult apple juice!

Lots of breweries and wineries in Texas have come out with their own options to get your hard cider fix, but we’ve seen a ‘Cidery’ surge in recent years. 

Check out our list of all the places you can go to feel the (local!) cider love. 

City Orchard


City Orchard is an urban cidery right in the middle of Houston! 

The apples used to make their dozens of unique and delicious ciders are sourced from Smith Brothers Farms, co-founder Mat Smith’s family orchards. 

Their traditional ciders are accompanied by blends and infusions from other fruits and ingredients so you’re sure to find something you like! 

The ideal way to enjoy City Orchard Ciders is on their expansive (pup friendly!) patio in Houston, but they have pick-up and shipping options as well!

Houston Cider Company


Houston Cider Company boasts itself as Houston’s first Production Cidery. They are a true staple in the Houston community – we love that they collaborate with local honey vendors and use top-notch quality ingredients like saffron and hibiscus!

You can catch them at a variety of markets around town or at their taproom where they have a full menu of flavors to try. They also offer pick up and nationwide shipping!

Austin Eastciders


Austin Eastciders has expanded far beyond their Texas roots, but that doesn’t stop them from living out our Localite values! They give back to the community with their Austin Eastciders Cares Program that supports nonprofits across the state.

They have an awesome restaurant and a ‘collaboratory taproom’ right in Austin, or you can find them at grocery stores and restaurants pretty much everywhere else.

We also love that they have seltzers for a lighter option!

Argus Cidery



While Argus Cidery had to temporarily close its doors due to the harsh reality of the pandemic, we’ve always loved their line of ‘fermentables’ that goes far beyond just ciders! All of their flavors are 100% fruit with no additives or pesticides.

Their tasting room in Austin has always been a welcoming spot and we miss seeing them at local Texas bars!

Fairweather Cider Co.


Fairweather Cider is SO FUN you guys. They have a tasting room in North Austin with a coffee bar by Spokesman Coffee. Their ciders are also available in their online shop.

They are always collaborating with local businesses and movements which just gives us all the feels. As far as their flavors go, we were hooked after we tried ‘Smell the Van’ – which had some interesting elderflower and botanical notes!

Moontower Cider


Moontown Cider has a great patio and offers limited-time releases in addition to their menu of core flavors. They are also totally onboard our local love train with regular markets onsite featuring a a variety of artists and vendors!

They have coffee options with a dog and family friendly atmosphere, or you can browse their online menu for pick up and togo options.

Bishop Cider Company

Dallas, Austin, Houston

Bishop Cider Company originated in Dallas which is where their tasting room resides, but you can find them on draft and in stores all over – they even have a ciderfinder on their website!

What we are really excited about though is their new ‘Cidercades’ – now in Dallas, Houston and Austin! It’s cider meets all-you-can-play arcade games. How can you go wrong?

Trinity Cider


Trinity Cider is a vibrant spot located in the historic Deep Ellum neighborhood. They have a variety of crisp and refreshing options that taste delicious with no added sweeteners – the ghost pepper infused flavor caught our eye. 

Pay them a visit on trivia night or for one of their pairing menus – they even host private events for large gatherings!

Duo Winery & Cider Co.


Duo Winery & Cider Co. has a few core cider flavors, but their seasonal options include fruity varieties like pear and blood orange (they even have mulled cider for winter!).
You can visit them at their tap room or find them on tap at quite a few stores and bars around Texas. 

Hye Cider Company

Hill Country (Hye)

Okay, so full disclosure – we’ve never been to this spot… but after doing some research, it’s our next stop! They’ve got a packed live music schedule and a big oak-shaded patio at their tasting barn. Plus they have their own Thai food truck on site (Hye Thai).

We were also intrigued reading about their ‘cysers’ – apple cider fermented with so much honey that it is regarded as a category of mead, or honey wine. Definitely a must try for our visit!

Outlaw Cider Company


Outlaw Cider Company shares a tasting room (and online store!) with Sloan & Williams Winery in Grapevine – the best of both worlds!

They have lots of great flavor combinations like Peach Mint, Blueberry Lemon, and even a ‘Tea-Rex’ green tea cider made with wildflower honey!

Are We Missing Your Fave Spot?

We can’t be everywhere at once – we need your help! Let us know if we skipped over an awesome Cidery in Texas at 

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