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The Best Local Honey in Houston Texas

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The Best Local Honey in Houston Texas

There are so many benefits to getting your honey from local bees. Not only does it taste better and have more health benefits (especially raw unfiltered honey), but how great does it feel to support your local bee keeper and contribute to the local economy?

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite local honey vendors in the Houston area. From farmers markets to online shops and pick up options, there are endless opportunities to support local when you buy your honey!

Uncommon Bees

Uncommon Bees is one of our favorites to see at the markets and at local grocers all around Houston! 

They also have an online shop where you can get everything from raw unfiltered honey to honey granules and beeswax.

We love the habanero-infused variety for the sweet heat, but they have so many infused honeys to choose from that it is hard to pick a favorite.
Others to try include lavender, espresso, vanilla, lemon, ginger, and so many more!

Bee2Bee Honey

Bee2Bee Honey is committed to ethically and locally harvesting their honey and they are super active in the community!

They have classes, mentorships, and more resources available for anyone wanting to get involved or learn more about beekeeping.

Check out all the retailers and markets to get your fresh local Bee2Bee honey fix, or you can browse their online shop.
They also collaborate with other local businesses to make awesome products (like the Houston Cider Co. honey cider!)

Hive Bee Farm

Hive Bee Farm supplies their local honey to so many shops, restaurants and markets in Houston. They also feature their honey in some of our favorite local artisan chocolates – Cacao & Cardamom!

We love to get their raw honeycomb – and it is nice to know that they farm specifically in the Houston area with natural methods and sustainable practices.

SweetNess Honey Apiaries

SweetNes has a variety of both raw and infused honeys, including one of our favorites that is packed with local pecans!

 Even if you don’t like honey, they have candles and bath products like soaps and lip balms so you can catch the benefits of the bees in other ways.

SweetNes products can be found mostly in Fort Bend County stores and markets, but there is a handy map on the website to see all the places you can snag some local honey goodness.

BZ Honey

BZ Honey has been both beekeeping and fermenting honey in Tomball for several years!

They produce raw unfiltered honey from Houston area hives with options like caramel creamed honey and smokey and mesquite flavors. You can also get candles, soaps, beeswax, and other products at one of several farmers markets around Houston or in their online shop

One of the unique things about BZ Honey that we love is their expertise in fermenting their honey to create mead and sell out of their Meadery right in Tomball. Thirsty Bee Meadery has a tasting room too so you can get your buzz on with dry, sweet, still, bubbly, simple, or complex varietals of honey wine! 

Bellaire Honey Company

If you are living in the Houston loop, Bellaire Honey Company is about as local as you can get!

Their bees forage within a four-mile radius including neighborhoods all over Houston. The result is unprocessed natural honey that contains no additives or chemicals.

Sold by the jar ($9.00) or by the case (12 jars for $100), you can place orders on their website!

Bee’s Knees Honey Company

Bee’s Knees Honey Company can be found at various pop ups and markets in Katy and surrounding areas. 

They also have an online shop you can peruse for other products like honey butter, soaps and balms, and they even have beard oils and dog treats!

Moore Honey


 Moore Honey Farm prides themselves on producing Real Texas Honey straight from their beehives consisting of 2500 colonies located from Houston to Beaumont.
 We love their passion for providing a true quality product and educating consumers on the honey fraud – apparently there are several companies out there that take advantage of the lack of regulation by the FDA on terms like local, raw, pure, and unfiltered.

These companies then produce a falsely labeled product with fillers and cheap processed honey.

You can be assured that Moore Honey Farm is 100% Real Texas Honey. We can’t think of a better reason to grab a jar.

Nando’s Honey

Nando’s Honey is located in Rosharon, but they sell their honey at several retail locations and farmer’s markets across the Houston area. Their website also has an online shop and lots of educational resources about beekeeping! 

Our favorite is their honey candy available in all sorts of natural flavors – perfect for a sweet healthy treat!

Southern Garden Honey

Southern Garden Honey is a concept of our friends at Sustainable Harvesters.

Their honey is raw, unfiltered, and available by the jar for local delivery. We can’t wait to give it a try!

Bull Nettle Ridge

Bull Nettle Ridge is a small family-owned  beekeeping company that carries a selection of honey, beeswax products and other items produced by their bees.  

You can catch them at the Tomball Farmers Market and the Go Local Farmers Market, or browse  products on their website.

Hepplewhite Farms

Hepplewhite farms is located in Fort Bend County and has been in operation since 2016. They even expanded in 2020 to include selling bees!

Their website has a variety of products to choose from, plus they offer educational opportunities like intro to beekeeping classes and sell their honey at farmers markets in the area.

We know who to call when we want to start our first bee colony!

Texas Honey Trading Company

Texas Honey Trading Company is on a mission to create a network of beekeepers to provide consumer with the most local honey possible.

They offer extraction services to encourage local beekeeping  and create more local and high quality honey in our area.

 Check out their website to find out more about the awesome services (and honey!) they provide and be sure to reach out if you’ve got some hives you don’t know what to do with!


Are We Missing Your Favorite Local Honey Vendor?

Let us know if there’s a great Houston honey company we need to add to our list – we can’t be everywhere at once. We need your help to spread the local love!

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