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The Best Local Houston Kombucha

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Farmers Market Kombucha Vendor

Kombucha is basically fermented and carbonated sweet tea. It is known for being rich in probiotics and having several health benefits. The flavors range from being sweet and fruity to tart, sour, and spicy! Houston has lots of local and delicious options to get your fix. We’ve rounded up the ones we know of that you can get at stores and markets around town. Let us know if we are missing anyone!

Kickin’ Kombucha 
Kickin’ Kombucha has turned their business into a full-on local grocery store where you can order online for pick up or delivery. They have 12 year-round flavors and seasonal releases that you can find in several grocery stores around town as well! As for their online store, you can order SCOBYs and starters to make your own Kombucha, and they feature all sorts of other local businesses and products!

Pat Greer’s Kitchen
Pat Greer’s kombucha is just one of the many products they have available at locations all throughout the city. They used to have DIY classes to make it yourself (hopefully they start them back up again soon!). All of their foods are plant based and amazing!

Bayou City Bucha
Bayou City Bucha’s website is currently under construction, but their kombucha is available at several markets and shops around town. They have interesting add-ins like activated charcoal and CBD! 

Cammed Goods
Cammed Goods has kombucha available online and at multiple weekly markets in the heights: Eleanora’s Market, Heights Morning Market, Houston Heights Market, and Market on the Bayou! They have growlers you can get refilled for a discount. They have a ‘Basic B**ch’ flavor (watermelon, cucumber, mint) that is basic in the most delicious way. Plus, they have pickles!

Mad Scientist Kombucha
Mad Scientist Kombucha is a smaller brewer, making their kombucha in small half-gallon batches on a weekly basis for the Memorial Villages Farmers Market and the Market on Tamina. They also take wholesale orders on their website!

3rd Coast 
3rd Coast Kombucha is based in Galveston and available at several farmers markets and shops in that area. They are also at the Braeswood Farmers Market if you want to enjoy them in Houston!

The Kombucha Company 
The Kombucha Company has a membership option that’s great for anyone in the Fort Bend area. It is $30 per month for 2 gallons worth (16 bottles) of kombucha! Their location is in Historic Richmond, and they are in lots of the shops and restaurants around there. They also have starter kits available online and a great FAQ section to help you make it yourself.

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