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Cottage Food Law in Texas

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If you are looking to start a business selling your homemade foods, Texas is the place to do it! The Texas Cottage Food Law allows you to sell food products created in your own kitchen and is one of the least restrictive in the country. It doesn’t require jumping through permitting and licensing hoops or rigorous inspections to obtain. You can be ready to apply for a vendor spot at the market in just a few short steps!

Make Sure Your Product is Eligible

There are some regulations in place as to what food items can be sold under the Cottage Food Law. Generally speaking, as long as you are making an NSCT food that does not contain meat, you are in the clear. NSCT stands for “Not Time or Temperature Controlled for Safety” which basically means it doesn’t need to be refrigerated and isn’t perishable. Baked goods, candies, nuts and granolas, teas and herbs, canned and jarred items – all good to go! There is an expansive explanation of what foods are and aren’t allowed on their FAQ page.

Check Your Labeling

The label for your product must include the address it was made in and denote that it has not been inspected by the Health Department in a very specific statement. You also have to list specific allergens that could be present, and make sure you follow a couple other guidelines in regards to health claims. Check out the label details on the Texas Cottage Law website.

Get Your Food Handler’s Card

You need to obtain your food handler’s card before you can sell your food at a market or out of your home. Any employee you have assisting you must also have this certification. It’s good for two years and can be taken in person or online!

If you are an aspiring Farmer’s Market vendor with an awesome food product you want to share with the world, operating under the Texas Cottage Food Law is the first step. After that, the possibilities are endless!

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