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Who we are // LocaliTE


Hello! Are you ready to jump on our local love train?

 We are two Houstonians on a mission to promote and share the stories of our amazing and vibrant community.
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community builder // localite

Meet Sylvia

I’ve always been an advocate for connecting and supporting my community. 
‘Local’ should not only indicate where you are on a map, but also demonstrate community-driven values and a desire to utilize neighboring businesses, organizations, and agriculture at whatever capacity you can.




I first found my love for organic, locally-sourced goods when I discovered my gluten-sensitivity five years ago. It took me down a spiraling journey which revealed the benefits of eating whole foods and how conscious consumerism greatly impacts our local economy.
It is my intention to use my digital marketing knowledge to build an online marketplace where anyone can get past the noise of Houston to see the small, tight-nit Localite community hidden within.
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our mission

We are here to cultivate a thriving community by providing people, businesses, and organizations a platform to discover and support each other.
We want to close the information and accessibility gap between  people  and their local farms and markets.